Our Approach - Your Benefit

Does your case require team work of several specialists? Or do you prefer exclusive contact with but one of our partners? What is the best approach for safeguarding not only your current but also your future interests?​

The focus of our attention is always on you. Your interests and your success is our objective. We put great emphasis on a long-term cooperation with you that is based on trust and a positive experience.​

Each team member has specific areas of expertise which are complementary to the areas of expertise of other team members. This allows us providing you with holistic advice that optimally fits the specific requirements of your case.​

With providence, flexibility and an interdisciplinary, team-oriented organization we will achieve your objectives efficiently and fully according to your expectations.

We have submitted the standard processes of how legal and tax services are typically offered to a critical scrutiny and we are convinced that you are not interested in simply buying our time; instead you are interested in a specific service and outcome. You would like to know how expensive such service will be and whether you will be able to generate an added value.​

This is why we frequently do not simply charge our services on time spent basis but also account for other factors such as whether the value generated through our services is in line with the fees charged. Cost and risk estimates, periodical fee updates and caps will help you determining your final costs.​

In order to provide even greater cost transparency, we have designed the following Packages at a fixed price for you:


Should you care how we are organized , what our office looks like and how we work? In the end, what matters to you is only the outcome. However, we deem our internal working organization to be decisive in being able to deliver excellent advice to our clients. For that purpose we are constantly exploring new paths.

With our open office spaces we cultivate team-work and an interdisciplinary working environment in which the various expertise of our  lawyers can easily be shared and in which everyone can contribute to the optimal solution. The way how we electronically manage your case provides for a new standard in data security, accessibility and reliability. The efficient, state of the art handling of your data and information enables us to dedicate more time to the legal challenges of your case.​

Our offices located on the 19th floor of the „Red Tower“ support a clear vision and creatitve solutions.​

Do you remember how we used to communicate before the invention of the mobile phone? We have a constant eye on technical developments and substantially invest in our state of the art IT infrastructure and our holistic knowhow and data management systems. Why? In order to provide for a maximum of security and accessibility as well as for efficiency both in terms of time and use of know how.​

We believe that the way how law firms typically manage their data creates an unnecessary exposure to certain risks (e.g. theft or hacking of locally stored documents or data, or losses of the same caused by hardware problems, fire or water). We do not store any of your data locally but in several highly secured data centers exclusively located within Switzerland. We communicate with said virtual servers only through a highly secure, encrypted tunnel. Thus, we ensure a maximum of security and confidentiality of your data.​

We prefer spending time on rendering advice than searching our files. Our communication with you is electronically protocolled and immediately and from anywhere accessible for our experts.​